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The Italian government, like those around the world or almost, has started the mass vaccination program that should be decisive in the meantime to contain and then to eradicate the coronavirus epidemic. To have an effect it must be administered to the masses, possibly with the good luck but if necessary with the bad. All the institutions and authorities of this world - political, " scientific" , religious - are committed to explaining their good and irrefutable reasons before using coercive means in order to protect, so everyone tells us, the collective good of society, for its general interest . Which is, in our opinion, that general famous for having lost all wars.


We do not allow ourselves to question the specific technical competence of the luminaries of the so-called "scientific community" but we record their bourgeois misery. The knowledge and science undoubtedly contained in their private heads are not made available even to an international bourgeois "scientific community" (in our case in the case of Covid 19 this should mean a close joint search of all the best "private heads"), but of private property in its form of multinational super-company than in the form of state-owned company. Commodity-Market-Money vs Human Community! We, in summary, think of it as follows:

« A series of isolated and incomplete examples have been enough to prove what science applied to technology is today: venal, flexible, capable of all responses and all changes of flag.

If the confessor replied differently to the poor bumpkin who had stolen bread, or to the gentleman who had raped and killed, demonstrating that religious morality allowed itself to be drawn elastically from all sides, we should not in the least think that the contemporary system, reason and experience, has in the new priest, whom we call specialist, expert, technician or scientist, created a better tool.

Ancient augurs smiled when they met on the street. The moderns have the opposite delivery, which for them is a question of loaf: they know each other how beasts and liars are, but they flaunt to take each other seriously.

The capitalist age is more loaded with superstitions than all those that preceded it.

Revolutionary history will not define it as the age of the rational, but the age of flaw.

Of all the idols that man has known, it will be that of the modern progress of technology that will fall from the altars with the most tremendous noise ».

( Amadeo Bordiga , Politics and “construction” . From Prometeo , series II, n. 3-4 July-September 1952)

The reason for the quotation marks on “ scientific” institutions and authorities is briefly explained in the box on the side.

Does one have a headache and what should and normally do? A tablet and away, the pain passes, the problem is resolved. The present capitalist society, especially in modern and advanced metropolises, is super-jammed, super-intoxicated, super-inflated. Kneaded men like cows and farmed chickens swollen with antibiotics from which food is accessible to the masses . Covid-19 highlights and penetrates the open holes in a protective screen, that is, in our natural immune system which is increasingly weakened. It should be strengthened which, as a very first and elementary measure, means providing a healthy diet for the masses.and to healthy general conditions of life, very different from those in which the masses themselves and in particular the working class are forced into the present damned society which, as Marx says, " has the devil in its body ", capital being damned to the perpetual motion of accumulation. Cost what you cost. In one of the sacred texts of our school it is written: " Capital offers all the billions of four centuries of accumulation for the scalp of its great enemy: Man "!

Let's go straight to the "concrete" point of the here-and-now, to our No! compulsory vaccination. We have no intention of boring anyone with "abstract pistolotti" on "ideal systems" that should be established in the place of the present bourgeois and capitalist sewer which bourgeois and capitalist sewer undoubtedly was, in the white metropolises and for a long historical stretch, perfumed and undoubtedly not only for the bourgeoisie and the wealthy classes. Such affluent and fragrant metropolises where in fact they thrive, or at least have been able to thrive up to now, wellness centers even for animals.

Healthy nutrition for the masses first grade health measure? But if , concretely and here-and-now, millions of proletarian families are grappling with the problem of hunger , and not in some distant periphery of this world but in the center of bourgeois and capitalist power and wealth, i.e. inside the United States of America. America! And the problem of mass hunger knocks, no one is fooled, even at the gates of a Europe whose " social market economy " would be different from American "wild" capitalism.

You Institutions, You Authorities representing this world that by hook or by crook you want to give the masses the "decisive" vaccine: what collective good, what general interest do you speak of? Better and healthier living conditions starting with working conditions? But if , just the other day and to keep to the facts of "our house", yet another land worker , Gora Gassama proletarian immigrant from Senegal, was killed like a dog in the countryside of Gioia Tauro without the fact causing any particular "indignation" not even a facade on the part of You Institutions of You Authorities, and we have said of how the real shame and humiliation is in reality ours, that is that ofItalian labor movement as a whole , silent and powerless. We remember this to speak of the bestial conditions of life and work that the workers of the countryside from which our food comes, the nourishment for the masses . So to say that the first essential and concrete norm of true public health aimed at strengthening our natural immune system lies in changing things, in the meantime and to begin with, for the benefit of the productive worker in the primary sector.. In the meantime, to begin with, and concretely speaking. And without, among other things, wanting to "ask for the moon" as the immigrant laborers from the Gioia Tauro plain shouted again the other day, who went on a spontaneous strike to claim "simple" treatment that was humane and not beast. The wellness centers should also be kept by the bourgeois and their dogs!

The Italian workers' movement is committed to imposing this elementary socio-health measure , with the right hooks possibly or otherwise with the bad ones, fielding its strength against the Institutions and Authorities that stand in defense of the perpetuation of this bestial and viral status quo capitalist and that instead, "for the interest of the community", intend to stuff us, by hook or by crook, with pills and vaccines as alleged means "solvers" of the evil that paralyzes society.

It will be said that, "good intentions" aside, the problem is pressing. The epidemic is rampant, hospitals fill up, deaths add up. And in the meantime there is the tablet, the vaccine, the solution offered by the market, by private property whether it is Big Pharma or the companies of the giants, Monsters, state (always privately owned !). Take the pill, the syringe and then, eventually, we will see the rest (that is, the essential thing that is the strengthening of our immune system).

Let's go into the merits then. Our opposition to this mass vaccination program does not stem from "a principle" contrary to vaccines in general. Less than ever by the fact that "the sacred rights of the individual" guaranteed by the "most beautiful constitution in the world" can be violated.

We are against the program of stuffing humans from an early age with dozens of vaccines; we are against this anti-covid vaccination program because in our opinion it is a mass experimentation of vaccines produced by capitalist private property in ultra-accelerated times, undoubtedly a record for the business of producing private property (multinational company or State, we repeat: it is always private property ) without an adequate guarantee not so much on the "immediate success" of the medicine administered as on its future consequences that for a vaccine they can only be evaluated after years, so at least until the other day the same official "science" that now supports this mass experimentation has explained to us. (One for all and to stay in Italy: the virologist Dr. Crisanti who until the other day said, creating a discreet scandal and bewilderment in the official "scientific community": "I am very much in favor of vaccines, but without data available I do not I would do the first vaccine that will arrive in January . As a citizen I would like to be sure that it meets all the safety and efficacy criteria, I have the right ", unless I suddenly change my opinion ... in December !)

The real risk for collective health is that the patch of these vaccines turns out to be worse than the hole that is intended to be covered in an emergency, whatever the cost.

The "free citizens" called, by persuasion or coercion (for health workers, in case of refusal, a reduction in salary or even dismissal is ventilated! And distinguished labor lawyers and constitutionalists explain to us in point of law that any retaliation is perfectly legitimate on the part of the State and the "employer") to undergo the "lifesaving" vaccination they will do after signing the duly prepared "informed consent" form, God forbid.

But what are we poor devils "free citizens" really aware of?

We are informed of the "scientific truths" of Big Pharma and of competitors other state producers, truths attested by the guarantee of the official "scientific community". Which "scientific community" is so miserablethat not even a voice rises from her bosom to denounce what would seem obvious to us, like the child in Andersen's fairy tale, that is, that faced as we are with a global health problem, there should at least be a coordinated and unified response, a coordinated and unitary research of the "scientific community" which should aim at the study and production of a single valid medicine, of a single type of vaccine. If it really is a question of stopping the global health emergency with the vaccine. And we would still be, mind you, at a level of bourgeois coordination, of "collective private property" so to speak. Instead we have the WHO which is only a simulacrum of international "scientific coordination" also (and obviously) only at the bourgeois level. Instead we have the capitalist power blocsand their respective vaccines (and accompanying "scientists") competing for the market , human beings as mice-guinea pigs of the competition and of the real war also waged on the "health and public health" field.

We are not and we do not want to be treated as rat-guinea pigs, and we will not end up like the rat in the imperialist war that capitalism prepares, the only medicine for its salvation!


The Coronavirus and its mutations represent a real danger that cannot be denied, therefore the development and adoption of curative and preventive medical devices cannot be postponed. The real deal for pharmaceutical companies is not having invented the need for vaccination, but materializes at a "later" moment, ie in the management of this calamitous fact. (Let's think, for a moment, of the business linked to earthquakes: they are a material fact - and certainly not invented! - which provide the opportunity to unleash a fierce race for rich gains, but in the management of the post-earthquake)

It is true that demonizing the use of the vaccine just because it is a source of disproportionate earnings, without identifying alternative solutions, does not provide any solution. Indeed, it ends up sliding on the ground of those who deny the same danger of this pandemic. The real problem is not so much whether the vaccine serves to fatten its producers and sellers, but rather, as we said, whether it is effective or not and whether there are other possible alternatives.

In the ambit of the capitalist system, in which everyone struggles to achieve maximum profit, it is not easy to verify the validity of scientific findings.

While always starting from REAL NEEDS, from which it is impossible to ignore them, the researches are financed by the pharmaceutical industries or by the various Governments, which do not scruple in "taming" the results - perhaps, distorting them, inflating them, denying them, hiding them - in a way to make it easier to market the drug.

In a climate of widespread fear, pharmaceutical companies have asked various governments for funding to research a therapy and a patented vaccine that would guarantee them stratospheric profits.

The product offered for sale must in any case have a minimum guarantee of "immediate success" (it cannot be a simple placebo), if only for the substantial investments made and because the fierce competition would detect it immediately. But the secrecy of the studies and the "patenting" are in direct antithesis to the need for informed information. We must therefore demand its abolition and social sharing of research and results .


The experiment carried out in 1996 by the USA multinational Pfizer in the district of Kano, in Nigeria, during a meningitis epidemic is illuminating. Part of the 200 children undergoing the study were treated with the proven antibiotic, while a part was treated with the antibiotic to be tested. This experiment had not been previously agreed with the competent Nigerian authorities or with the parents. Result: some children died and many others with permanent damage. The dispute was closed with the construction of a hospital in Kano by Pfizer.

In the first year of its launch on the market, the new antibiotic had contributed to the 15% increase in the company's share value with over 160 million dollars in profit, with an estimated economic potential of 1 billion dollars (see Wikipedia- The dispute of Kano).

Only fools can think that in the capitalist system scientific research can be "free": the research that is supported is mainly that in sectors from which profits can be made, while "independent" studies, even if serious, honest and well documented, they are destined for marginality. The capitalist use of medical science justifies the many doubts and perplexities about the validity of the studies carried out and the relative results. Doubts primarily concern drug therapy. It has groped and still gropes in the dark since it is a new virus: numerous articles have appeared in scientific journals on the efficacy of this or that drug that are denied by other scientists, in a war in which people try spasmodically to arrive first, in generally trying to undermine the effectiveness of low-cost drugs and instead aiming for new and more effective drugs, which, of course, will be more expensive .

Furthermore, many of these studies are carried out on an insufficiently large number of patients. The alternative, for the pharmaceutical industries, may consist in the donation, obviously "for humanitarian purposes", of a sufficiently large quantity of the drug to be tested on the populations of the world's periphery affected by the epidemic, favored by conditions such as malnutrition, overcrowding in the slums, lack of running water and adequate sanitation.

Even more complex is the speech regarding a vaccine , which proposes a series of unanswered questions (at least for now).

In some states, experiments have been carried out on incarcerated volunteers or people in severe poverty. (To get an idea of ​​this gallery of horrors in the USA see https: // www. health / medical-experimentation-on-humans-from-1833-to-2005 /: obviously such experiments are not were only made in the USA!).

How can we know if the side effects will manifest themselves over time, given the compression of the vaccine production times? The efficacy and side effects of a drug are monitored over time and there have been cases in which a drug has been withdrawn from the market even after years , when investigations have shown the onset of serious problems. Will the vaccine be equally effective in the presence of possible mutations in the virus and what will be the duration of immunity?

From this series of question marks derives our opposition to the more or less disguised imposition of current anti-covid vaccines which are the application of a capitalist therapy to a real problem to which, it is true, we have no miraculous "immediate" solutions and concrete "to show off. But what at least and by God! there is no tax and that in the first place the mandatory capitalist syringe is not imposed on health workers! The imposition of state vaccine medicine cannot be answered through the skirmishes of lawyers but through a social mobilization which is an aspect of the class struggle as it comes to question the alleged "general interest" which according to institutions and authorities of this world it imposes its mandatory nature and the same official "medical science" subservient to capitalism. "Science" of class, "science" of the bourgeoisie whose handling of money, whose mangers for pigs (for example those for "intermediaries" on the purchase of simple masks) are the "secondary" side and trickle of the sewer general.

Our opposition to mandatory vaccination takes place from the opposite political position to the anti-class and therefore counter-revolutionary of the so-called “no-vax people” and the more general wave of intolerance and distrust towards the “elite government” that we hear growing and agitating among the masses, especially the middle class. Among these large strata (less and less represented by the forces of the official Right, the League and the Brothers of Italy) all kinds of theories about maneuvers and plots hatched "by the cosmopolitan elites" to dominate the peoples dispossessed of "national sovereignty" which would be regain. The management of the health emergency and the consequent "mass vaccination operation" if not the very origin of Covid 19 is brought back by these distorted visions in the framework of a conspiracy in the head of which everyone then puts the Devil who best suits his particular counter-revolutionary trend. In most cases it is the devil-China together with or alternatively to the devil-Bill Gates, America (preferably not Trump's), the Germany of the new Reich ... in short, everything and more (everything and more except, obviously since we are talking about counter-revolutionary political forces and tendencies,the true Moloch i.e. the impersonal power of Capital). However, there is in this cauldron of popular intolerance a common and unifying character: the request for the intervention of the State, of a State that is "truly popular and sovereign", of an authentic "Social Republic" which protects "work and producers "National, make the rich pay taxes properly and produce ..." healthy medicines "and good and proven vaccines as the old national pharmaceutical industry knew how to do, before being swallowed up by" speculator and globalist capital ".

In the social movement of opposition to the compulsory vaccination that we hope will arise from health workers threatened with wage cuts and dismissal in case of refusal, we will have to deal with this kind of counter-revolutionary political positions and perspectives, largely in the majority among the masses and more easily "edible" to the spontaneous feeling of the same. Undoubtedly harsher and harder to swallow is our medicine.

Class struggle, for the defense of the health of the masses and for bread, regardless of the situation in which the country finds itself ! Proletarian class power, for the conquest of the effective Human Community!

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The development of a vaccine against dengue , a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, (Dengvaxia) cost Sanof i, a French pharmaceutical group, over twenty years and 1.5 billion dollars . Despite clinical tests carried out on over 30,000 children and results published in prestigious medical journals, it has been seen that the antibodies produced by the vaccine can aggravate the infection especially in infants and children never exposed to the virus, in the case of an infection with another strain of the virus itself. Both Sanofi and WHO have decided to turn a blind eye to missing data and uncalculated risks and talk about "theoretical possibility".Last year, the deaths of some 600 Filipino children who received the vaccine led to a ban on the vaccine by the authorities. Despite this fact, the vaccine has been approved in the US .

The system allows government bodies (FDA, HHS, etc.) to collect the royalties of vaccine patents as responsible for research, approval, recommendations for use, safety checks and compensation for damages. any.

Immunity against legal action was required for the COVID vaccine.

The NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases) of Dr. Fauci, eminent US virologist, has funded clinical trials for another anti-dengue vaccine, in Brazil since 2013

( hurrying-the-times-for-the-vaccine-against -il-covid-19 /).

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In a French study, hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic therapy (cost: a few euros) had been shown to significantly reduce mortality and, in an Italian study, it appeared to be the drug useful for treating patients early and at home.

A "hostile" study to the use of this drug had been published in a prestigious international medical journal ("The Lancet") which, after protests from numerous scientists, was forced to hastily withdraw the article.

The French scientist advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine had the following "surprises":

• closure of his Facebook page (500,000 followers)

• death threats from a doctor linked to the pharmaceutical industry producing the competing drug (obviously much more expensive)

• disciplinary measure against him by the French Medical Association

• prohibition for family doctors to prescribe this drug for the treatment of COVID-19, which has been used for decades for the treatment of rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, which was then extended to hospital doctors.

Every other day, possible (also known) side effects of hydroxychloroquine are highlighted (insomnia, psychiatric disorders, ... suicidal tendency). A real demonization of the drug!

Editors of two prestigious medical journals have denounced Big Pharma's pressure on their publications.

But even the sites that do not bow to the dominant thought are under attack: the site "L'Antidiplomatico" was denounced as a "black list site" by a US agency ("News Guard") and by a site ("Buttac" ) for reporting the positions of eminent French virologists in favor of hydroxychloroquine; moreover, for some months now it has been the victim of almost total censorship by Facebook and Google (Anti-diplomatic 26 October 2020).

From the Corriere della Sera of 12.12.2020:

" The Council of State authorizes the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID -19, therefore outside the use prescribed by the" leaflet "for" respect for the decision-making autonomy of the individual doctor ", accepting the appeal of a group of doctors and thus overturning the prohibition of the AIFA which on 22 July prohibited its use for this purpose ”.

January 2, 2021