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Written and motivated in time: "the unthinkable" can happen, the inauguration-coronation of the "winning" Biden / Harris tandem can blow up. Making the world tremble. We wrote on December 20 (in general indifference in Italy but not among the American comrades and this heartens us and gives us energy). It can , but it has not yet (at the moment) happened. We are close to the catastrophic point of rupture but we still believe that margins of compromise in extremis are recoverable in the test of strength in progress between the two factions of the American bourgeoisie.

We write hot, the action is in full swing. Numerous unknowns. The first fundamental: whether the decisive mass summoned by Trump accepts the demobilization order ordered by Trump himself, or disregards it. The second and opposite : whether the mass of the metropolitan suburbs, in the forefront the black and white unreserved who took to the streets after George Floyd, remain waiting "on guard high", or decide to take to the streets.

We hold our breath. In any case, the basic crossroads are the following (excluding Trump's stay at the helm of the country which in no case will be tolerated, as we have said and explained):

A) the "winning" bourgeois fraction that is the liberal-progressive one (the bulk of Wall Street and Corporate America, the green , pink and rainbow painted world of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism , that of the Open Society Foundation, in short, the bourgeois sewer called " globalist ") swallows the bitter morsel imposed by the force of the square that the" patriotic "bourgeois fraction has shown to be able to mobilize (and demobilize by pulling the rope to the last before it breaks). So negotiation, mediation and political compromise (and safe conduct for Trump) in the meantime to quell souls, buy time and rearrange ideas. And then we'll see.A very serious impasse given the imperialist tasks that America must urgently carry out, that is, the blows that it must unleash outside its borders ! (First target: Iran? ) Proud Boys

B) Those of the “globalist” Sanhedrin are instead determined to proceed with a daring surgical operation . It means that the violent repression is breaking down left and right. The "democratic" order is imposed with the open use of force to quell the chaos and strike "the opposite extremisms". Army and tanks in the streets. State of siege proclaimed "in the name and for the salvation of democracy" threatened by ... Proud Boys on one side and Antifa on the other (the script is quite classic). Formidable and frightening earthquake all over the world. As far as we are concerned, the announcement of the next (perhaps very near) states of siege proclaimed in Europe, the State of Rome predictably in pole position .

We hold our breath.

The difficult, very difficult task of the hour for us here and for our American comrades: not to lose our heads, to remain in our place, that is, firmly in the classroom. Never, I say never, never at the service or at the tail of any of the bourgeois fractions that compete for power management.

The reactionary mass mobilization must be opposed by being firmly rooted in class positions. Never, I say never, never getting confused with the "anti-fascism" of the liberal-progressive bourgeoisie .

There is a strategic objective that the revolutionary class movement, even in this very delicate passage, must set itself and set itself: to wrest from the clutches of the so-called "patriotic" (patriotic-imperialist!) Bourgeois fraction that popular and proletarian mass damned subjugated to it.

The image that the mainstream with its sinister tails, to the Manifesto to be clear, is trying to convey a Trumpian square made up exclusively of a mass of "fascists - racists - dirty-ugly and bad" is false . In the midst of the reactionary people mobilized by the patriot-imperialist barker there is instead also a mass of angry workers and proletarians who “simply” can't take it anymore. They can and must be snatched from the political control of the patriotic-imperialist bourgeois fraction only by demonstrating that the real change of things, that is the total overturning of things, can only be done by a revolutionary class action. They will have to come to us and they will come to usonly if we demonstrate that we actually want to reverse things and not want to keep them . Only if we prove that we have nothing, absolutely nothing, to share with the world of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism and with the liberal-progressive doves born from its womb who will not hesitate for a moment, after perhaps giving a blow to the Proud Boys, to bloody hitting the proletarian big target.

Let us not be fooled: we oppose and fight the bourgeois right without falling into the liberal-progressive trap. Democratic doves: we know you masks!

January 7, 2021