nucleo comunista internazionalista
Within the course of the bitter struggle "for life or death" in the heart of world capitalism
On July 4, 2020 at the Confederate Memorial in Stone Mountain, Georgia on the anniversary of the declaration of
independence of the 13 American colonies from the British motherland on July 4, 1776, a detachment of the
American black community wanted to celebrate the historic date in its own way: a few hundred of black militiamen,
avant-gardes of the "internal colony" are paraded framed and armed to remember that the community of oppressed
blacks has nothing to disappear with that historic anniversary, that it does not feel part of the AmeriKKKa and that its
own liberation is still all to be conquered. Through its own self-organization, through the fielding of its own self-
defense force, also armed and separated from "whites", that is to say, separated from the white proletariat. A Force
that, although (for the moment) separated from the unified American army (all yet to be constituted), we hope will
still be able to assume and support both the self-defense and the necessary counter-attack and offense tasks. ,
within a social war that is fought (and predictably even more will be fought) without rest and in brute forms as
crude, merciless, implacable is the substance of oppression and total human alienation in the heart of world
capitalism, within power center and universal beacon of freedom and democracy.
The armed demonstration of July 4th was just a spectacular episode that took place in a burning moment of the
social and political conflict within the USA (which other similar ones followed) but it signals the emergence (the re-
emergence) of a not episodic but profound current of general redemption (moral, social, political) that runs through
the black community in the US and with it the renewed emergence of the eternal and historical "dilemma" of
perspective: the struggle for the independence of the "oppressed black nation-colony"; for the "right to self-
determination" of the African American people; for the return somewhere in the motherland Africa; for the
integration and confluence within a unitary proletarian movement for the revolution in the United States and in the
world ...
Here we only make a few notes on the extremely complex issue with our gaze projected beyond the contingent and
more or less ephemeral events of this or that black militia / organization that has risen to "the headlines" (so to
speak, given that the phenomenon is as little as possible, being "embarrassing" for many even outside and beyond
the field of the two bourgeois factions facing each other). We do it, as usual, in an undoubtedly rough way, largely
partial and incomplete. But in the meantime we want to mark the field in the fire of a struggle (of which the electoral
deadline of November 3 is only a passage) that if it transmits a great energy to us we know to be extremely fraught
and complicated beyond belief for the course of our Revolution. winning will have to drag and manage to captivate
the mass of unreserved people of every race and color. Always remembering (first of all to ourselves and to the
handful of our faithful) the revolutionary enormity of the "thing" in which it is located and of which the redemption
process of the black oppressed community of which we are dealing is part, that is, the fight " for life or for death ”in
progress, now finally possible within the inviolate and“ inviolable ”US sanctuary of world capitalism, within its
territory, within its main lair. (1)
Old and new Black Panthers
We know, as regards the contingent events, that many (not all) of the surviving militant leaders of the old historic
Black Power-Black Panther Party disown any connection with the current black militias / organizations such as the
New Black Panther Party and others, qualifying them almost to the level of "gangs" dedicated to the paramilitary
organizational cult empty of political perspective and when this is traced there it is branded as "reactionary". Not to
mention the ostracism and condemnation of the resurgent black separatist / nationalist tendency accused of
"reverse racism", "anti-Semitism" and whatever else scandalous, decreed by the flock of white liberal-"progressive"
multicolored doves. Those in smell (stench, stench) of Open Society especially sensitive in sniffing… it stinks of
burning, that is, in smelling the signs of the ugly, dirty and bad Revolution that is preparing and that will extinguish
them without much compliments.
As far as we can see things from afar and from the outside, it seems to us that we can say that this judgment of
condemnation is wrong as it demeans a real movement of a mass of oppressed people that on the surface manifests
itself "as it can", given the weight of the defeats suffered and the general and international context in which the
question of race and class arises in the US heart of world capitalism. The current external crystallizations of the
renewed "Afro-American resurgence" can certainly seem and be very far from the "ideal" (in abstract) but it seems
to us that we need to grasp and value the profound meaning of the movement in progress (which for us must lead to
revolutionary class unity also passing through the transitory separate organization).
The old and "original" Black Panther had been able to grow and flourish by breathing deeply the revolutionary
oxygen released by the "incandescent awakening of colored peoples" that arose after the second imperialist world
war, it was somehow "the terminal" within the heart of the Metropolis. The new panthers are resurrected, angry as
they once were but initially turned in on themselves, their gaze turned to the exclusive and restricted sphere of their
rejected community and its eternal need for authentic human redemption that no mountain of dollars allocated to
integrate it into the bourgeois state can and will never satisfy (a very considerable effort certainly implemented by
American capitalism which allowed it to crush the audacious challenge launched by the old and glorious Black
Panther "in the belly of the beast" as it was said then, together with the use of all means of the most ruthless
repression: lead at will on the rebels, centuries of jail inflicted on the militants, rivers of heroin made to flow in the
ghettos, etc.).
As the head of a black militia (NFAC, "Not Facking Around Coalization") says: "... until we learn to love ourselves, we
cannot love other people. … Black people yearn to belong to something, we have to give them something to belong
to. I would rather give my life for something as noble as the liberation of my people, rather than waste it by staying
alive being weak ”. The flower of the resurgent Black Power-Black Panther is reborn in the livid atmosphere of the
world capitalist catastrophe which, like that of 1929, is a prelude to a generalized destruction of capital, to a new
world imperialist slaughter IF the Strength of the International Proletariat will not block the road to the bourgeois
solution of the universal crisis in progress. And the "something" to which the Afro-American oppressed community
must belong and belongs, nothing else is that the international proletariat and its revolutionary cause, whether its
actual or supposedly organized vanguards are aware of it or not.
On the other hand, the leaders of the current black militias / organizations (which sometimes appear to us
"picturesque" according to "white European" criteria) (2) reply with well-founded arguments to the many of the old
militants of the "authentic" BPP who demean them, of having, their ancient panthers, transformed in the course of a
time fraught with defeats and setbacks into tame domesticated animals, radical appendages of the liberal-
"progressive" fractions of democratic imperialism.
Let's drive a few nails, on the edge of time: from Trotsky to Malcom to today
In our opinion it is good and right that, in the meantime and in this passage of the struggle, the black community of
America or a combative part of it feels and expresses the need to organize its self-defense and the path towards its
own liberation. even in separate forms "from whites", separated from the rest of the proletarian class and the white
unconditional. In the meantime.
It is good and right, knowing very well that the horizon of the current black avant-garde organizations / militias is
obviously not that of the International Communist Revolution (as indeed was not that of the old and "authentic" BPP
born in 1966 : see the 1971 text of the Communist Program that we republish below) and that their current meager
"programmatic base" and claiming (see the 10 points of the New BPP program which we will talk about) is, certainly
if we want, even more backward than the however bourgeois-democratic programmatic framework of the first
glorious Black Power. But if it is, this reflects the general retreat suffered by the international proletariat in these
decades and, in particular, the prolonged eclipse of the proletarian class struggle in the white metropolises.
It has been 87 years since Trotsky (exiled to Prinkipo, 1933), answering the questions of his American comrades
about the attitude to take with respect to the nationalist movement of blacks in America and their question of
separation / self-determination, said:
“Of course, we don't force niggers to become a nation; if they are, then this is a question that concerns their
conscience, that is, it is a question that depends on what they want and tend to. We say: if the blacks want it, then
we must fight against imperialism to the last drop of blood because we have the right to enjoy an independent
territory, where and how they want. The fact that they are now not a majority in any state does not matter. It is not
a question of the authority of the states, but of the blacks. (...) In any case, the oppression suffered by blacks pushes
them towards political and national unity. (...) If in America there were a situation such as to have already allowed
common actions between white and black workers, if fraternization had already become a reality, then perhaps the
argument of our comrades would have a foundation (who were in favor to the struggle for "social, political and
economic equality of blacks" but not to support their "right to self-determination", ed) - I'm not saying they would
be right - then maybe we would divide the black workers from the white workers if we started with the watchword
of "self-determination". But today in relations with blacks, white workers are oppressors, they are miserable people
who persecute blacks and yellows, despise and lynch them. (…) 99.9 percent of American workers are chauvinists,
towards the blacks they are executioners and they are also towards the Chinese. It is necessary to teach American
beasts. It is necessary to make them understand that the American state is not their state and that they must not be
the guardians of this state. The American workers who say, "Negroes must be able to separate if they want and we
will defend them against our American police" are revolutionaries and I trust them. "
And 81 have passed since Trotsky (exiled to Coyoacan, 1939) always said on the same question:
"We cannot tell them to form a state because that will weaken imperialism and that will be good for us, white
workers. This would be contrary to internationalism. We cannot tell them: “Install here, even at the cost of economic
progress”. We can say: “It is up to you to decide. If you want to take a part of the country, fine, but we don't want to
decide for you ”. (…) The battle for the possibility of creating an independent state is a sign of great moral and
political awakening. It would be a huge revolutionary step forward ». (3) underlining ns
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and certainly the social structure and the objective and
subjective conditions of the class and race clash within the United States have changed considerably from the
1933/39 framework. In the meantime, to speak of an "epochal" change in the superstructure of society, the blacks of
America have been able to see with their own eyes a child of their race even rising to the top of "supreme power"
(nominal power, of course) and for two terms in a row, which was literally unthinkable not only in Trotsky's time but
also in those closest to us than Malcom and the first BPP. But, bypassing the “epochal” changes and transformations
of society, the profound historical revolutionary meaning of the indications traced by Trotsky remains for us.
We can summarize what in our opinion remains deeply alive in them, today 2020 and beyond, in the following
- It and only it, a community of oppressed blacks, must be able to decide the path of its own liberation: “we do not
want to decide for you”, it was said in 1939. And we say the same today. If the black community believes it has to
follow a separate path (we say: provisionally separate) from the white class brothers towards the goal it wants to set
itself, be it "national self-determination" or anything else, we internationalist communists will support it with all our
strengths. It is not the community of black oppressed that must "open" itself to the general revolutionary
perspective in the first place, but rather it must be an authentic class movement that "rises" to the level of struggle
only approached by the avant-gardes of the new Black Power (... "we must fight against imperialism, against our
imperialism !, down to the last drop of blood "... it was said in 1933) which, in its own way, approaches the question
not of the" reform "of the American state but of its destruction. "Power is the only way to put an end to oppression"
Malcolm said (in this case authentically ... Bordigist, that is Marxist!) And today the African American avant-gardes
are saying again: this is the level to which today's phase of fight "for life or death"!
Then, and only then, when the white proletariat will demonstrate with facts that it is not the "guardian of the
American state", it will certainly not be the black community and its avant-garde that will keep themselves closed in
a (then yes reactionary) sphere of national-racial identity. It will certainly not be the black proletarians who will
"close themselves off" and reject the plan of class unity if and when we are worthy of it. It is not the black oppressed
community and not even its current armed and self-defense detachments that are "backward": if anything, it is we
(the overall movement of the international proletariat and its white-western sections in particular) who are!
- The powerful re-emergence of the need / necessity for self-organization and self-defense is “a sign of a great moral
and political awakening, an enormous revolutionary step forward” as it was said at the time (1939), and so much is
true for the present. We emphasize the "moral" aspect of the redemption process, which is an absolutely concrete
and material aspect for the fight in which the oppressed black community is at the forefront. We will explain this
more precisely when we say about a particular point that we care about the NBPP claim program.
"... it would be a huge revolutionary step forward": it is, today, a huge step forward on a historical level that goes
beyond the destiny of the 40 million African Americans since they, as prophetically glimpsed by Malcom, are only a
small part of the "colored " of the world. Their awakening to the social and political struggle is therefore, according
to the Marxist dialectic, a sign of a mighty resumption of the anti-imperialist struggle everywhere, starting with
Africa. However, the Force that African Americans field in "their own" internal war, communicates and is transmitted
to the oppressed of color all over the world. We do not know the current, more or less ephemeral, avant-gardes of
the African American community.
- "It is necessary to teach American beasts"! Trotsky said in 1933. Once again the need to throw their own organized
force on the scales remains today more than ever for the black masses. It is good and right that their self-organized
and independent force frightens not only the bourgeoisie (including the black one!) But forces the American white
proletariat itself back to the wall, so to speak: it will have to "betray" its race and "his" nation to finally get to
embrace the class cause, or to know that he has to pay a heavy price. Malcom said in 1964: "It may be that the black
nationalists give you the impression (he was addressing an audience of radical left-wing whites, ed) that they
represent a small minority of the so-called black community, but it happens that they are made of cloth it takes to
set fire to the black community as a whole. This is one of those things that you whites, whether you call yourself
liberals, conservatives, racists or whatever you like, have to try to understand, and that is that even if the vast
majority of the black community you come in contact with can give you the impression of being composed of
moderate, patient, affectionate people, now accustomed to suffering and such, the minority that you consider
composed of Muslims or nationalists has the makings of one who can set fire to the whole black community. This
you must understand. ... It must be borne in mind that the outbreaks of racial struggle ignited here in America today
can easily turn into a huge fire abroad, which is to say that all the peoples of the earth can find themselves involved
in a gigantic race war. These are not things to remain closed in the neighborhood, in a small community or in a
nation because, today, everything that happens to black Americans happens to black Africans, Asians and Latin
Americans. " (4)
These prophetic words of Malcom are valid, by extension in time and space, for the whole white-western proletariat:
"this you must understand"!
So, that's good and right ... The avant-garde detachments of African Americans do well not to trust "whites" in
general. A whole bitter and long history of trust, bad response and atrocious betrayals explains their distrust which
is, in our opinion, more than historically justified. And we want to recall one of these historical betrayals suffered by
blacks in America that we generally tend to forget (and not by chance).
The weight of a history of betrayals and counter-revolution that we carry with us and within
In the 20s and 30s of the past century, a significant part of the blacks of America were attracted by the light
of October, by the communist message of authentic liberation that is addressed to all the exploited of all
races and colors. They integrated and enthusiastically joined the (not plethoric) ranks of the US PC. They
believed they had finally found in Communism the coveted "something" mentioned above, a true
community of brothers united and reaching out to the most noble and sacred of Human causes against the
inhuman power of Capital. As it should have been but it wasn't. As it should be but it still isn't. How it must
actually be!
The "communism" to which they had ardently believed and adhered in fact betrayed them. They were, once
again, abandoned by the whites, even by the "communists". And the disillusionment was enormous. (5)
National-communism in American sauce sacrificed the demands for liberation of the oppressed blacks
which should be a natural part of the general sans phrase class emancipation of which authentic communism
is the bearer, to the interests of its Moscow "parent company" which interests then they crossed successfully
with the "progressive" course assumed by the American imperialism of Roosevelt and his New Deal. Up to
the infamy of stating the revolts of the oppressed blacks that broke out during the imperialist slaughter (1943
Harlem-New York, Detroit) as "Hitler's Uprising". Riots who, according to the American "communist"
leaders, if not directly maneuvered, certainly played "the game of Nazism" (after being, Moscow
"communism" with all its international branches in tow, for almost two years, from September '39 to June
'41, linked to the pact with Hitler's Germany!). The blacks of America screamed in their despair: "You
whites (you" Communists "as well) ask us to shed our blood against Hitler's barbarism while you repress
and persecute us when we rise up against the Hitlers we have at home in your house. democratic America! ".
Past water of a story that no one now remembers or has never even known? Do you really believe that such
historic cuts etched deep into the flesh and spirit of peoples are wounds that the mere "passing of time" and
"the new conditions of the struggle" can heal? We do not believe it, and it is not a question of an
"informational / cultural" defect but of a prolonged absence in the battle arena of a lively and active
revolutionary communist political organization.
We think that, like a Malcom or the first Panthers, even the new resurgent Panthers carry with them and
within that and other distant stories of pain, betrayal, counter-revolution. The picturesque head of the NFAC,
for example, may very well not know anything and do not care about "that story" and in all likelihood so it
is, but his concrete action descends, depends, is also the result of that deep wound inflicted "on the his
people ”(and, consequently, inflicted on the international proletariat of which the oppressed African-
Americans are an indissoluble part) is individually aware of it or not.
Things have changed: "a harsh truth" that can be overturned
Undoubtedly one cannot think that the resurgent Black Power can purely and simply replicate the past BPP
experience. The new historical conditions objectively push towards an overcoming of that experience of
struggle "in the belly of the beast". They objectively push to overcome the unnatural (in abstract) division /
separation of the proletarian Force.
The authentic prophet Malcolm was wrong when he said (speech of February 13, 1965, shortly before being
assassinated): “It is therefore important for you and for me to understand that a solution must be sought that
will benefit the masses and not the privileged classes, of the so-called privileged classes, because among the
blacks such classes do not exist. Even those who have more money find themselves having to face the same
troubles and the same humiliations as other blacks: everyone has to suffer the same oppression and this is
one of the few good things of the racist system: it unites us indissolubly… ”. Malcolm was wrong in this:
even among blacks there are classes and the historical process has fully demonstrated it. As it shows that,
under the pressure of the objective historical current, it is the destinies and material interests of the
proletarians, of the unconditional of every race and color, that are inextricably linked.
The immense power of American capitalism has been able and able to integrate a part of the African-
American community into its mechanism, and not simply and superficially co-opt a series of "Uncles Tom",
"courtyard negroes", "Charlie's servants", " buffoons with black bodies and white heads "to use the
expressions with which Malcom dubbed his purebred brothers who wanted nothing more than to
democratically share" the American dream "with the white master. The Obamas, the Colin Powells, the
Condoleeza Rice etc. etc. they are not "black-bodied and white-headed buffoons", they are bourgeois
representatives of a social class within an open society like the bourgeois one that does not work for closed
castes such as feudal societies. Their heads reason and act on the basis of intelligence and material interests
that have no color: those of the impersonal power of the Monster-Capital and its terrifying North American
But the power of American capitalism, however immense, has not been able to "draw to itself", integrate the
mass of the African-American community just as it will not be able to "draw to itself", integrate, not even
the mass of the white American proletariat. The eloquence of the facts today takes on the task of showing
precisely this ongoing process.
Things have changed since Trotsky admonished his American disciples by reminding them "that 99.9
percent of American workers are chauvinists ..." (he treaded his hand on purpose, as does the master who
wants to get a concept into the pumpkin students) and have been so since the time (1970) in which the
Detroit League of Revolutionary Black Workers wrote in the introduction to its program: "The
subordination of black people and black workers to racism creates a privileged condition for white workers.
While imperialist oppression and world exploitation creates a layer of privilege for US workers, the white
labor movement has failed to address the worsening conditions of black workers, their key role in the
economy and the working class. The white labor movement has turned its back on the problems of black
workers. ... The white worker aristocracy collaborates with the US imperialist government in its struggles of
aggression ... LORN arose in particular from the failure of the white workers movement to address racist
working conditions and the inhuman situation in which the black people find themselves ". (6)
The imperialist raid of which North American democracy is the main architect against the countries and
peoples "of the peripheries" of the world is no longer able to guarantee as in the past that immense
accumulation of resources which even the white proletariat was able to benefit from. The indomitable and
stoic anti-imperialist struggle (stoic: just think of the immense sacrifice endured by the peoples of Iraq rather
than Venezuela, Syria, etc.) was and is one of the main factors that fatally cracked the magical and infernal
mechanism capitalistic. We have reached the point that both the black bourgeois Obama first, and the white
bourgeois Trump later, both had to resort to the most false and shameless demagoguery, "promising the
people" to put an end to the ... endless wars in which America is engaged and who now wear it out instead of
strengthening it.
The harsh and harsh truth stated at the time by another notable black intellectual-militant (James Boggs, see
"The meaning of Black Revolt in the USA", 1963): "The truth is that white workers have profited from the
exploitation of the black ones for so long that joining now with them would make them the impression of
even cutting their throats with their own hands "so the slogan" black and white united in the struggle "was
groundless, it could just be a slogan" ideal ", that crude and harsh truth can materially take on a completely
different and opposite aspect today, it can overturn: these white American workers" cut their throats with
their own hands "if they remain united with" their "State," their "nation . And, more than "an impression",
this is a material fact that they can ascertain in the harsh experience for all those without reservations within
the present capitalist catastrophe.
An essential condition of the process of overthrowing "that truth" necessarily passes from the self-
organization of the oppressed African Americans and from the fact that their self-organized force frightens
the bourgeoisie (of all races and colors). The strength of the blacks must be frightening: we have already
said it and we repeat it on purpose!
Organization, discipline, detoxification in body and spirit: weapons for social combat
Finally, the "moral" aspect of the "African American resurgence" and the particular programmatic point of
the New Black Panther Party that is linked to it, we have alluded to above.
It is, in our opinion (sorry for the umpteenth repetition), of great importance that the Community
It is, in our opinion (excuse the umpteenth repetition), of great importance that the Community of oppressed blacks
demonstrate physically, materially, to be able to deploy its detachments in the form of disciplined, framed and
armed militia as the vanguard of its strength , which broods scattered and disorderly in the ghettos and suburbs
where the black unconditional are relegated. It is not just a superficial question of form but of substance: the
oppressed blacks also demonstrate through these "spectacular" manifestations that they have and find in
themselves the capacity and energy to reject the tendency to disintegrate, to "loss of oneself ”to personal and
collective self-destruction, a tendency induced and tickled in a thousand ways by the power system. Little?
Insufficient? All you want, but in the meantime it is taking a step in the right direction ...
It is, however, a factor of galvanization and multiplication of force not only for the black community but for the
entire proletariat. Said and repeated unlike and contrary to a common feeling widespread "in the American
movement", perhaps even in the majority of it at a guess. We quote (and gloss) from a document that we have at
hand and which seems to us to summarize well this widespread "common feeling":
«It must be clear that small armed groups cannot take the place of the organized power of millions of workers
(editor's note: quite right! But the Panthers know this well…). Small groups cannot defeat the combined and
centralized power of the bourgeois state and its instruments of repression (editor's note: idem with potatoes).
Furthermore, while these actions have certainly brought a lot of attention to the Black Panthers, they have also been
used by the media, the police and the FBI as a way to marginalize and isolate the Panthers themselves from the
wider sectors. of the working class (editor's note: every movement of self-organized proletarians provokes this
attention and reaction from the guardians of the established order: so what?). Far from leading to class unity, that
tactic at that time had opposite effects (editor's note: perfect "Marxist" -cadaveric logic). The images of black
panthers, dressed in leather bravely brandishing guns and rifles in the streets of Sacramento, have become an icon:
they had every right to do so (ed: in fact, the US democratic state does not deny this right, there is no need for "
Marxists "to reiterate it). But we have to ask ourselves: was it the best tactic to gain the support of increasingly large
sectors of workers? " (7)
Moral of the fable "Marxist" ("Trotskyist") - corpse: we must not "scare" white workers, let's not say by using guns
but not even by showing them for demonstrative "show", otherwise they will not "gain support". That is, exactly the
opposite of what we claim (and so far nothing matters), the exact opposite of what Trotsky claimed and preached
that we have extensively quoted above! (and this should mean something for some comrades who claim to be his
followers, who among other things involuntarily suggest the idea of white workers reduced to a flock of sheep "that
should not be frightened", which it is not).
Therefore: organization, individual and group discipline. And fight for detox. Point 4. of the program of the New
Black Panther Party (a program which we have said to be bourgeois-democratic like that of the old BPP) is, in our
opinion, of particular and vital importance. It establishes, among other objectives of an immediate nature (right to
housing, decent services, etc.), the need for an implacable fight against the scourge of drugs, that is, against a
devious weapon used massively against the community of oppressed blacks (against everything the proletariat in
truth) to annihilate it in body and spirit. It is the same need for detoxification posed by Malcom and the old Panthers
who waged a very hard fight against the spread in the ghettos of the "white plague-heroin" (Cf. among others the
extraordinary text of the Panther Michael Cetewayo Tabor: "The plague . Capitalism + drugs = genocide "which
sooner or later we will have to bring to light again. Extraordinary also because it was done by a twenty-year-old
Panther who from 13 to 18 was a heroin slave). Each step taken to achieve the declared objective would represent a
huge real advance for the whole of the "proletarian community", victim and slave of Capital and its devious
And here we plant it: we wanted, as said at the beginning, to mark the field. In the meantime.
May these largely insufficient and partial notes be, in some way, a useful thing for "their" struggle, which is
indissolubly "ours" and vice versa.
1) We must not forget the revolutionary enormity of the "thing": the pivot of world capitalism, the United States of
America, was the concrete symbol of "popular capitalism", the accomplished "welfare society", even society "
classless "as a slew of illustrious apologists of the fabulous American way of life said, mocking" the theories "without
any foundation of the dead dog-Karl Marx and burying alive the handful of Marxists who remained in the breach
forced to engage in battle only at the theoretical level ( fully won!) against the myth of the welfare society and
Moscow's false emulative socialism and which lucidly predicted and described the inexorable catastrophe to come.
Capitalist apocalypse which today is exactly our daily bread.
At the height of world capitalism they wrote: "The real crisis that will arise historically between the second and third
world wars will be, even more than that between the first and the second, international; and the proof of this is
what we are emphasizing on the collaboration of Russian state capitalism in the “anti-crisis measures”; collaboration
which, culminating in the therapy of the extension of world trade between the two alleged blocs, even with its
ideological presentation alone proves, with dialectical force, that the next authentic crisis of overproduction will hit
at the same time all the monstrous production machines of the world, will be the crisis of the superproductive
madness that unites America and Russia in the vaunted competition by both of them ». (Communist program, no.
Really well excavated Old Mole!
2) The leader of one of these militias (NFAC), a rather famous rapper in the States, often leads super-armed shows of
force (for the moment only spectacular): he does not carry just one submachine gun, but two at a time! If the
reformist plan of the struggle were surmountable "technically" in this way we would be ... or almost on horseback.
Unfortunately, things are much more complicated and difficult: one can exhibit all the artillery he wants (and even
use it) and be perfectly reformist (and act in the sense of counter-revolution) ...
3) See Trotsky: “The Negro Question in the United States”, February 28, 1933; “Self-determination for American
Negroes”, April 4, 1939. In “The Problems of the Chinese Revolution and Other Writings on International Issues
1924-1940”, Einaudi Ed.
4) See “The Black Revolution”, speech given by Malcom on April 8, 1964 at a meeting promoted by the Militant Labor
Forum in New York. In "Malcom X, last speeches", Einaudi ed.
5) To get a vivid idea of the enormous and excruciating "black disillusionment" with "communism" (the dominant
one on the market, that is, the spoiled Stalinist brand) see the story of a black proletarian / writer (authentic
intellectual and comrade, finally driven by the disgust of Stalinist "communism" in American sauce towards black
nationalism): "American hunger" of (let us tell you) brother and comrade Richard Wright.
6) See "USA 1970's struggles, the program of black workers", Political Editions n. 2 of "Power worker" March 1971
7) Cit. from a 2014 writing by comrade "Trotskyist" John Peterson: "On the program of the Black Panther Party: what
perspective for black workers and young people?" recently proposed by the site The large document
intends to "dismantle" the classic 10 programmatic points of the panthers from a "Marxist" point of view (the new
ones basically follow the 1966 program). In practice, "to prove" (for the umpteenth time) to blacks that class struggle
is needed ... "Trotskyist" says: "a job, a guaranteed salary and a high standard of living should absolutely be a basic
right especially in the richest country in the world" !!! An absolute bestiality from the point of view of authentic
Marxism, but let's forget it …). In reality, the substance is all wrong. If we pretend to “attract the Panthers to
Marxism” with these nursery rhymes and on this basis, we are cool! Exactly: it is good and right for the meantime ...
What to say or groped to say to the Panthers then? Refer, reflect, study, on the originals. Do not confuse the
originals with the followers (it applies to all the "... isti") above all: do it by not letting go of the gun!
21 October 2020